Published on October 18, 2022

How to Find a Parking Lot Near Me in Montreal

Are you searching for a "parking lot" in Montreal? Here is everything you need to know about parking in Montreal.

Did you know that Montreal has around 475,000 to 515,000 on-street parking spots? This may sound like a lot, but the truth is that finding affordable parking is a challenge for both residents and tourists who want to enjoy the city.

Even though many say they want more free parking spots, some argue that providing more would encourage buying and operating vehicles. In Montreal, officials aim to increase the use of public transit and provide more spaces for bikers and pedestrians.

But this doesn't mean parking in Montreal is impossible. If you're asking yourself, "Where is there a parking lot near me?" clicknpark has the answer.

If you're a resident or tourist looking for affordable parking in Montreal, we have just the tool for you. Continue reading to find out all you'll need to know about parking in Montreal and how clicknpark can help you find a spot today.

Paid Indoor and Outdoor Parking Near Me in Montreal

There are many parking options available in Montreal, both paid and free. If you're searching "paid parking near me," you may find that there are too many options to choose from, leaving you overwhelmed and unsure of what to pick. So let's break down the choices for you.

Where Is There Car Parking Near Me?

In Montreal, you'll need to pay if you want to park in most lots or on the street. There are some free options, but there are very few. With discussions growing around eliminating free parking in downtown Montreal, you may not be able to rely on finding free parking in the future.

Outdoor Parking

In general, you'll find in a search for "outdoor parking near me" that you will most likely have to pay for street parking in Montreal. This is usually the case on major roadways and near shopping centers. And you will need to be aware that residential parking permits are required in select areas.

Wherever you're going in Montreal, double-check signage to ensure you're parking in an appropriate spot. Paying attention will significantly decrease your chances of being fined or having your vehicle towed while you are out and about.

Alongside the reserved parking zones for permit holders, there is a parking meter network for street parking with the option to pay via a mobile app. But finding street parking and paying at a meter or on your phone can take up a lot of your time.

Suppose you frantically drive around Montreal in lousy weather, trying to make it to a planned party with friends at a theater or museum. In that case, chances are you'll be struggling to find an affordable parking spot nearby, so you can rush in to meet your friends with presents in tow.

Indoor Parking

Are you searching for "indoor parking near me" on your phone before leaving home? Are you anticipating the weather worsening, and you don't even want to chance it with street parking? Well, if you use clicknpark, you'll be able to browse multiple indoor parking spaces, reserve your spot, and start your drive without worry.

How Do I Find a Parking Lot Near Me With clicknpark?

You're getting ready for the hockey game later tonight, and you want to carpool with a bunch of friends. But, everyone starts talking about how they can never find parking. What do you do?

For tonight, nobody wants to take the subway or bus, so you open the clicknpark app and begin your search for the best spot that'll wow your friends.

Using clicknpark to Secure Prime Parking Spots

With clicknpark, but if you can't find anything, you can browse available spots to rent.With clicknpark, you can book a spot in advance, saving you time and allowing yourself the freedom of not worrying. And you can rent spaces hourly, daily, or monthly, too.

You and your friends have a blast at the hockey game and decide to top off the night by going out for a scrumptious dinner after. Do you need to add more time to the parking spot? You can do that in the clicknpark app too!

The Benefits of clicknpark

It's so easy to use clicknpark; all you have to do is download the app, enter the address of your destination, and search for available parking spots nearby. And there are so many options available for short and long-term parking in Montreal.

Easy to Use and Contactless

One of the additional benefits of clicknpark is that it's completely contactless. You won't need to worry about meeting someone in person because everything is done in the app. And you won't have to agonize about buttons, opening doors, or inserting tickets into hard-to-reach or find machines.

Traveling to Montreal? Finding Parking Is Simple With clicknpark

If you're traveling to beautiful Montreal, you can find prime parking near all the popular attractions at any time of year. And since it's the biggest city in Quebec, there are plenty of activities to choose from with excellent parking spots nearby.

There are museums, venues, and multiple shopping centers downtown. And you can tour along Montreal's famous Sherbrooke Street, which features an array of popular museums and well-known businesses. In addition, you can shop along Ste-Catherine Street, where you'll find Ogilvy, Simons, Birks, and more!

clicknpark has multiple parking spots near Atwater Market, Marguerite Bourgeoys Museum, the Montreal Science Centre, McCord Museum, Centre PHI, and more.

And that's not all Montreal has to offer. You can explore the massive 692-acre Mount Royal Park with fun outdoor activities in the summer and winter. Or you can take a long stroll in the picturesque neighbourhood of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal and discover the Montreal Biodome that's overflowing with greenery.

Enjoy Montreal Knowing Your Vehicle Is Safe

One of the bonuses of clicknpark is the knowledge that you're parking your car in a secure spot. Since break-ins and thefts are a recurring problem in the city, finding safe parking that ensures your vehicle and valuables are safe is a huge plus. And in downtown Montreal, many spaces available to rent by the hour, day, or month also include security with video surveillance.

Not only does clicknpark help you find a safe spot for your café, but by using the app, you're reducing the need for more parking by sharing. By renting spaces, you are limiting the demand for the creation of more parking lots downtown. But doing this, in turn, can result in more people buying and operating more cars, which continues to impact the environment negatively.

You're saving time and money by renting parking spots. And you're also making positive contributions to the future of Montreal.

How Much Is the Best Parking Lot Near Me?

The cost of parking in Montreal depends on where and for how long you're planning to have your car parked. Usually, the average price is around $2.50 an hour, which is about $165 a month. To find accurate pricing, download the app, search for your destination, and browse the available spots and their prices.

Are you already using clicknpark and need to add more time to your reservation?

It's easy to add more time to your booking. Simply go to "My Reservations," and you can add an hour to your spot. And don't worry, you'll get a notification 10 minutes before your booking expires so you can get to your car right in time.

What if I Have a Parking Spot I Want to Rent?

Suppose you live in Montreal and want to make some extra cash on the side. You can do that with clicknpark! We can help people rent their residential parking spaces and learn about parking management for their businesses.

Do you have a parking space that you'd like to rent? You can start earning money by renting your spot on clicknpark today.

Book a Parking Spot With clicknpark Today

Montreal is a bustling city with much to offer its residents and thousands of tourists annually. With various exciting attractions and activities to do in the city, finding parking is no longer an issue. Now you can enjoy having fun with your friends and loved ones!

You learned about the benefits of clicknpark and how it makes parking in Montreal easy and stress-free. And you don't have to fret about searching "parking lot near me" before stepping out the door.

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