Published on October 17, 2022

How to find parking fast?

Struggling to find a parking space when you go out? This article will guide you on how to guarantee an available space anytime, anywhere!

What is the easiest way to park?

You will be expected to park your car in various locations and positions during your life. You may be needed to park in a garage, a parking lot, close to a road, or elsewhere. This means you'll have to get used to different ways of parking your car. Since no two parking spots are the same, you'll need to demonstrate a variety of parking skills.

Here are a few things to consider regarding the various forms of parking:

Parallel Parking

In cities, parallel parking is common. This method of parking necessitates some expertise since the driver must normally park between two cars – one in the front and one behind. When entering parallel parking, you must be aware of your surroundings and maintain control of your vehicle.

Angled Parking

Cars are parked at an angle in this style of parking. Most of the time, the vehicles are facing in one direction. An angular parking setup is simple to park in and drive out of as long as everybody follows the rules. Give the appropriate signals and keep an eye out for signals from other drivers.

Perpendicular Parking

This is a typical form of parking in parking lots where people park their cars for an extended period. This style of parking is similar to angle parking, except the angle is perpendicular to the curb in front of you. Cars should be parked at an angle of 90 degrees. In a perpendicular parking area, make sure your car tires are pointed straight ahead and that your car is parked in the center of the designated parking space.

Where are the best places to park?

On weekends, there is excessive crowding in parking lots and in the streets. Here are a few pointers to help you find a decent parking space:

  • Keep an eye out for No Parking Zones.

  • Place your car in a well-lit area.

  • Avoid parking directly across from the shopping mall's exit, as trolleys could cause harm to your vehicle.

  • Rather than driving around a parking lot looking for a vacant space, wait near one row.

  • Check with other drivers to see if there is a spot available.

  • Keep an eye out for people dangling their keys, they could be heading to their car and leaving a spot for you.

Parking Garage

A parking garage is a dedicated area or structure where cars and other vehicles can be temporarily left. Car parks are often found next to shopping malls, government buildings, colleges, sports and entertainment centers, and other similar establishments.

There are various types of parking garages, and the design is determined by the intended usage, location, available space, potential revenue, and security requirements, among other factors. The following are some of the most popular car park types:

  • Car park on the ground floor

  • Multi-story parking garage

  • Underground parking garage


Did you know you could rent out your driveway?

You can earn up to $200 a month (or more in certain areas, such as parts of Montreal) simply by allowing someone to park in your driveway or garage, depending on your location. The most desirable locations are in city centers, but you can still make a lot of money elsewhere.

It's worth a fast appraisal if you live near a major transportation hub, such as an airport, train station, or even a football stadium. Some apps can help you find driveways to rent which ensures you can secure a parking space whenever you need it.

How to find the best parking spot quickly

Use mobile apps

On your mobile phone, go to the App Store or Google Play and choose the navigation category. Look for parking applications that suit your specific needs such as clickNpark. This app helps you find parking spaces in three easy steps as well as list your parking space so you can earn passive income.

Place your car in a strategic spot

Choose a parking row when you arrive at your destination's parking lot. Rather than driving around the parking lot to search for a spot, pick a row and wait for one to open up. You will save time compared to a more active parking lot search.

You can also look for parking locations near exits to maximize your efficiency when leaving a parking lot. If you're parking at a shopping mall, try to find a spot near the shopping cart return area. When you are ready to leave, this will save you time.

If the parking lot is crowded due to a huge event, you should simply sit in your car and wait for a spot to become available. Although it may appear to take longer than driving around or changing parking lots, it usually saves you time and energy.

Place yourself in a strategic spot and wait. Stop in the midst of a row of parking spaces that change frequently, and you'll be the first to know when a spot becomes available.

What is the best parking app?


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