Published on November 01, 2022

Finding parking at a university or cegep in Montreal

Would you like to stop worrying about finding parking before class? Read this article to find the solution to your problem.

Whether you are a teacher, visitor or student in Montreal, finding parking at a university or cegep is part of your reality. clicknpark is well aware of the challenges that could slow you down, depending on your preferred locations such as UQÀM, UDEM, Cégep du Vieux Montréal and more. In this article, see how and where to find cheaper spaces, faster.

Parking at UQÀM

The University of Quebec at Montreal is a large campus. In all, the institution offers more than 1,000 parking spaces to its community. The automated system deployed by UQÀM allows you to reserve and pay for your space at the stations provided for this purpose. This option remains a privilege, considering the substantial cost of permits and daily reservations.

However, is it easier to park around the university? Not really, since the university is located in the heart of downtown. Fortunately, clicknpark has a solution for you.

Spaces nearby with clicknpark

Would you like to park at the university, without having to pay a fortune for your stickers? clicknpark gives you access to safe, low-cost spaces within walking distance of the facility:

Find and reserve your space on clicknpark now.

Parking at the University of Montreal

First, you should know that UdeM has different locations depending on the user - yes, it can quickly become a headache. For example, if you are a student, the Louis-Colin Garage (located at 5255 Avenue of the same name) is reserved for you.

Also, different categories of permits are issued according to the user's status (student, employee, student renting residences, etc.). A sticker system is put forward to automate the entry and exit stations.

Spaces offered by clicknpark, steps away from the university

With the app, find parking within a 10-minute walk of university facilities:

  • 809 Bloomfield Ave.

Take advantage of these with the clicknpark app. With just a few clicks, reserve a space before you even leave your point A!

McGill Parking

Also being a large campus, McGill University offers more than one parking space. But, again, there are many terms and conditions to consider here. Rates, types of permits, inflexible parking periods: whether you're a student, visitor or faculty member, it's easy to get lost.

Places to park near the university

Opting for the smaller parks nearby proves to be a beneficial option in many ways. Within an 8-minute walk of the university, these spaces can be enjoyed:

With the clicknpark app, you can reserve a space before you get there. Simple and secure, this option saves you time and money.

Parking at Concordia University

Parking at Concordia University is divided into two main areas. One for the downtown campus lot and another for the Loyola campus. Like most institutional parking lots in Montreal; you can't reserve for just a few hours... You have to pay the daily rate! With clicknpark, no more unnecessary expenses. Reserve your parking for the required number of hours only.

Parking near Concordia

Parking is available just a few minutes' walk from the university. With clicknpark, find and reserve your space remotely and without contact now:

Parking at cegep Vieux-Montréal

The Vieux-Montréal cegep offers only one parking space. This is accessible west of the main entrance on Ontario Street. Open to students, staff and the public, the underground space can only accommodate 200 cars.

It can be not easy to find a space during busy periods. In addition, the fee is quite high ($12 for the day for a student). Regulations vary greatly depending on the user's profile.

Parking near the college on clicknpark

Flexible parking options await you nearby. Do as many of our customers do and use the clicknpark app to choose and reserve your parking. Find available spaces in these parking lots just a few minutes' walk from the cegep:

The advantages of reserving your parking with clicknpark

Our operation is designed to simplify your life and allow you to save on your parking fees. Through our intuitive interface, you can browse available parking spaces and reserve for a duration of your choice. No need to drive in circles to find a parking space: everything is done online. From search to payment, do it all remotely on our highly secure application.

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