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Find a spot

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Hourly, daily and monthly parking spaces available anywhere on the Island of Montreal.

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We have parking options throughout the city and for all durations.

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Indoor parking spaces available near all Montreal attractions.

Welcome to all tourists

Located on an island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, Montreal has flourished to become a cosmopolitan business and entertainment hub. Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city on the planet.

Despite its imposing size, downtown Montreal is where tourists will find the most popular activities: museums, art venues and shops are mostly located in the city center. near the old town. This is where you’ll find Sherbrooke Street, the city's most elegant main street.

Sherbrooke Street is the backbone of the city and the location of many major museums and businesses. Ste-Catherine Street is Montreal's main shopping avenue, lined with department stores, boutiques and restaurants.

Interested in a monthly Montreal parking? clicknpark can help.

Find parking lots near me

To find and reserve parking in downtown Montreal, download the application, select the desired date and time and see availability on the map.


  • How much does a parking space cost in Montreal?

    The price of a parking space varies depending on the location. The price of parking is on average $ 2.50 / hour or $ 165 / month. To view our prices, please download our mobile app.

  • What should I do if I need more time?
  • Can I rent long-term Montreal parking ?
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