Published on October 18, 2022

Finding Parking Spots in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto With clicknpark

Want to know how to find parking quickly in major cities like Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto?

Find out how by reading this article.

There is a lot of fun to be had in a big city, but finding suitable parking isn’t fun. Montreal, Quebec and Toronto are cities filled with history and things to do. Unfortunately, a densely populated city comes  with the hassle of finding a spot to park. If only you could magically ask : "where can I find paid parking near me?" and get  an answer in a moment. Thankfully, that's not magic. It's a feature of the clicknpark app. With its state-of-the-art technology, clicknpark can help you find and book the perfect parking spot. Finding parking spots becomes a breeze with clicknpark.  Below is all you need to know to find the best-paid parking for you.

Where is clicknpark Available?

While clicknpark does not have support in every large city in Canada, it does in two of the most populated cities in the country. Toronto and Montreal have populations of  a little over 2.5 and 1.5 million people.. Clicknpark also has parking available in Quebec City (pop. 0.5 million).

All three cities have a booming tourist economy as well, making them even more crowded. Finding Montreal parking, Toronto parking, or Quebec parking is easy even with these high numbers,  thanks to clicknpark.

How clicknpark Finds Parking Spots

To help you find a parking lot, clicknpark partners with a variety of businesses and institutions  that have parking lots. These include managers of parking lots,  hotel owners and even private residences. With all these parking solutions available through clicknpark, you are guaranteed a good spot.

Clicknpark dedicates itself to creating a hassle-free experience for everyone involved. When teamed up with paid parking solutions, clicknpark only takes a small commission out of each rental using its app. These partnerships solidify  clicknpark's reputation as a reliable parking solution.

How clicknpark Works for You

Clicknpark is dedicated to making the search for well paid parking much less tedious and stressful than it used to be. By using it,  you can say farewell to the days of endless patrolling up and down streets, hoping to snag a spot as soon as someone moves.

Thanks to the many partnerships clicknpark has in Montreal, Toronto, and Quebec City, you can find a spot ahead of time using their intuitive app. All you have to do is search for a location you wish to park near and pick any of the options marked with a price. If you want, you can even filter the results further, choosing if you would prefer interior parking, exterior parking, or even valet parking.

Once chosen, each option provides a helpful assortment of information that helps you figure out if this is the right parking spot for you:

  • If a parking is inside a garage or not

  • If there are security guards present

  • If the parking is under video surveillance

  • Whether there is valet parking

  • How big a parked vehicle can be

The quality of life features doesn't end there either. Along with parking prices for a set period of time, clicknpark features the distance and walking  time to reach the  destination from any potential parking spots. Perhaps you would like to find parking in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, by using clicknpark you can find outdoor parking that is only four minutes away from the heart of the borough for around ten dollars.

Spaces that are completely full are also displayed on the in-app map, but are grayed out and marked with "N/A" ensuring there will be no accidental disappointment either.

More Than Just a Convenience

The benefits of knowing in advance where you will be able to park are rather obvious. There's no more stress while circling a block constantly, you are no longer in the way of traffic, cyclists  or pedestrians and you have more time to do what you want to do. There's another, less considered, benefit as well: the environmental benefit.

In 2007 a study sponsored by The University of Los Angeles was done in the Westwood Village district of Los Angeles, California. Drivers searching for a parking lot in this 17 block region of the city spent around 47,000 gallons of gasoline alone while trying to find a place to park. The gas spent added up to 730 TONS of CO2 being forced into the atmosphere.

These results were from one district in a single city from around fifteen years ago. It is difficult to imagine how big these numbers get when accounting for an entire city. Especially in an era with plenty more vehicles on the streets.

The downtown and populated areas  of these cities would certainly call for a few trips around the block to find parking,  downtown Montreal being just one example.  To be able to find a parking space ahead of time and not waste time and gas on circling the same block for minutes on end might not seem like much at first, but when you consider how many people do it, the  use of clicknpark show great environmental benefits..

Secure a Spot and Peace of Mind

Whether you live within any of clicknpark's supported cities, are a tourist who wants to see some of the many sites (both historical and modern) Canada has to offer, or are passing through, a clicknpark account will not steer you wrong.

There is no subscription fee for having an account on the app; all you have to do is ask it to "find a parking lot near me" and you are good to go, only paying if you take a spot. If you are not in the need to find parking spots on a particular day, there is no cost. It is a valuable asset that can make your day just a little easier.

Download the app today and make your time in Quebec, Montreal, or Toronto a smooth one.--