Parking near Cactus - Bar à Bières

The bar Le Cactus is a popular bar located in the student district of Sainte-Foy. It is known for its lively and casual atmosphere, as well as its affordable drinks.

The bar has a large indoor space with several tables and seats for customers, as well as a large bar to relax and have a drink. It also offers an outdoor terrace for those who prefer to enjoy the warm weather.

Le Cactus serves a variety of alcoholic beverages, including beer, cocktails, spirits, and wine. It also offers a selection of snacks and simple dishes such as fries, nachos, hot dogs, and chicken wings.

In addition to its menu of drinks and snacks, the bar Le Cactus offers special events throughout the year, such as karaoke nights, quizzes, dance parties, and live music concerts.

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Parking spots near the Cactus - Bar à Bières