Optimize you parking

Business solutions to increase parking revenues. We are your parking partner.

Our business areas



Hotels use our solution to increase revenues and enhance client experience with a valet option.


Parking managers

Operators increase their revenues by offering online booking on our app.


Real Estate Groups / Condos / Vacant Lots

Real estate owners use our technology to generate revenues and increase their assets’ value.


Religious venues / Community Centers

Our turnkey solution offers new revenue opportunities and makes parkings available to the community.

Use 100% of your parking spots

Our management system reduces your operating costs and increases your assets' value

Immediate income
without investment

  • Maximize your under-used parking lot

  • Open the door to thousands of new customers

  • Targeted advertising to increase traffic

  • No installation fee

A simple turnkey solution

  • 24/7 customer service

  • A dashboard allowing you to control operations in real time

  • A new digital way to park

Our advantages

Simple, flexible and efficient management


Recurring revenue

Access our thousands of users and watch your revenues grow


Access you parking performance data

Verified Drivers

Only verified drivers can use our app

No setup fees

No strings attached, no risk. Revenues from the first booking

Money is yours

Your money is deposited directly into your bank account

Manage your schedule

You control your parking schedule

An environmental gesture

Environmental impact of parking search


30% of trafic in large cities is caused by drivers searching for parking.

Fuel consumption

More than 300 million litters of gaz are consumed, and 5 million tons of CO2 are emitted, each year by drivers looking for parking.


Parking maintenance causes more CO2 emissions than merely driving.

Centralized management


Our dashboard allows you to view bookings in real-time:

  • Financial reports

  • Vehicle information

  • Current and future bookings

  • Management of rentals according to your schedule

  • Revenues generated

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Solution for employees

Parking issues are complex and cause a lot of frustration. Save your employees time and money with clicknpark.

Clicknpark provides managers employee with parking solutions with clarity and control. Increase employee satisfaction with flexible parking policies.


Serve more employees with less parking

Clicknpark’s solution is agile and compatible with flexible work schedules. Employees can book parking according to their schedule.


Increase flexibility and reduce costs

Managers can make sure that each parking spot is used to its full potential , eliminating the need for additional parking.


Increase the availability of your parking spots and make more with less with a centralized parking management platform.

A spot can accommodate 3 to 5 people.

Opens any kind of garage door or gate.

Sesame module

Fully integrated

Designed internally, our Sesame module is easily installed on any type of garage door or gate, without fees to the owner.

Sesame is entirely independent thanks to its battery and cellular or bluetooth connexion.