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  • How do I book a parking spot?

    On or on our mobile app available on iOS and Android.

  • How do I pay for a parking spot?

    Once you’ve chosen your parking spot, you can safely pay with a credit card or Apple Pay.

  • How do I know if a parking spot is available?

    If you see it on the map, it is available for the desired period.

  • How can I ask a question about the spot I would like to book?

    You can contact us online through virtual chat or on our mobile app in the "Contact Us" section.

  • Is the amount shown the total amount paid?

    Yes. Our prices include all taxes and fees.

  • How do I sign up?

    Sign up for a free account in just 1 minute by clickinghere. You can sign up with your email or with a Facebook account.

  • Can I add time to my bookings?

    Yes. Go to the "My Bookings" section and click on your parking spot to add 1 hour to your reservation. 10 minutes before the end of your reservation, you will receive a notification indicating the upcoming end of your reservation.

  • What happens if I go over my booking time?

    As a member of the clicknpark community, you join our collaborative sharing philosophy. This means that if you exceed your parking time, you will have to notify us and to pay an additional rent amount to the owner.

  • What happens if there is already a vehicle in the spot I booked?

    If there is a vehicle in the spot you rented, go to the next closest available space and we will refund both parking bookings. At <1>clicknpark</1>, your satisfaction is our priority.

  • Is my credit card information protected?

    All transactions made on clicknpark are completed via the secure Stripe platform. We do not store any credit card information.

Parking owners

  • How can I add my parking spot?

    Sign up on our website or mobile app and go to "List my parking"

  • Why isn't my spot available to other users as soon as I put it online

    There is a 24-hour approval delay for internal approval. Your spot will be online after this delay.

  • Is there a platform fee?

    Yes, we take a 30% platform fee on each transaction.

  • How do I receive my money?

    All transactions are completed via Stripe. The money from your rental will be deposited into your bank account after a maximum of 3-4 business days.

  • Do I need to declare this new revenue?

    Yes, all income must be declared. We will send you a declaration form at the end of the year.

  • Can I edit the information about my spot?

    You can edit your spot's description, photos, base price and availibilities. These changes will take effect for any future reservations. It is your responsibility to honour any reservation that have been made as per the previous terms.

  • Can I only allow long term bookings for my space?

    No, it is impossible to post a space that is only available for long term rentals. You must make your parking spot available 24 hours a day for it to be available long term.

  • As a business, can I list parking spots?

    Yes you can, posting your parking spot for rent is a good way to generate a new source of income. We even offer a turnkey service for businesses. Contact us!

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