Solutions for parking owners

clicknpark makes your empty lots profitable.

Generate revenues with your empty parking lots

We connect thousands of users with your parking lots, without contact.

  • Hotels
  • Parking managers
  • Real estate and condo groups
  • Vacant lots

Befinit from clicknpark's expertise

Devote yourself to your business. We take care of the parking lot.


  • 24/7 customer service
  • Relieve your employees of parking management
  • Dashboard based on real-time usage data

No investment, immediate ROI

  • No setup costs
  • We take care of installations and maintenance
  • Pay a commission only on rentals
  • Extra turnover form vacant spaces

Free advertising

  • Advertising of your parking lot on our website and app
  • Attract new customers thanks to clicknpark's visibility and promotion
  • clicknpark advertising campaigns at work for your parking lot

The clicknpark app can generate income by renting your parking spots by the hour, day or month.

We connect thousands of users with your parking lots, without contact.

Optimize underutilized spaces.

Stay in control. Manage your availability.

Only the Verified cars use our platform.

Your money is deposited directly into your account.

Access to performance data for your parking spots.

Solution for your employees reaching for parking

Parking issues are complex and cause employee frustration. Save them time and money with clicknpark.

  • Increase uptime

    Parking solutions that grow with you. Thanks to our parking network, clicknpark is a growth partner capable of providing you with additional spaces when you need them.

  • Reduce costs

    In addition to optimizing the management of your parking lot, clicknpark can rent your excess spaces via its application.

  • Develop according to your needs

    Challenge us. Tell us where and how many spots you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How it works?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Will I need additional staff?
  • Should I change my insurance coverage?