Published on October 30, 2022

How to monetize your parking at your convenience?

Want to know how to make your parking more profitable even if you have a busy schedule?

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Recently, clicknpark informed you about a simple and effective way to make income by renting your parking space. But, is it possible when you have a particular schedule? Absolutely! In this article, discover the stories of users who manage to do it easily, despite their rock and roll schedules!

Laurence: a young woman and her bike

A recent law graduate, Laurence is a young, ambitious single woman. Recently, she has been working for a law firm downtown. She spends a lot of time there. Her career is her passion!

This summer, Laurence broke her piggy bank to buy her first property. A bright condo in a young and trendy area of Montreal, only minutes away from her new job. Laurence doesn't have a car, and she's not interested in it at the moment. And, more importantly, her current finances make this expense unattainable... The newbie's salary, the student loan to be paid back, and the mortgage: are just a few of the elements that are temporarily reducing her budget.

One day, at the office, she hears a colleague talking about the clicknpark app: "I use it to park at the office, but also everywhere in town. But I hear you can rent out your parking space and make money on it." Bingo! Laurence has found an easy and safe way to make money: by renting out her indoor, heated parking space (free 100% of the time).

Simon and Annie, the eco-friendly professional couple

Simon and Annie, a couple in their mid-thirties, have only one car (electric). They've been renting their parking space on clicknpark for almost three months. Here is their story.

A dentist who owns his own clinic, Simon has atypical hours. He works days, evenings and sometimes weekends for emergencies. Annie is a manager in a hospital. Unlike Simon, she goes to work by public transit.

Their parking lot is often empty. One morning, one of their neighbours told them that "it is possible to make your parking space profitable via clicknpark". Although the couple is financially well off, the idea of offering a place to park near several services (with a charging station as a bonus) appealed to them right away!

And even if they were apprehensive about managing the availability of their space (which is highly variable), everything is going great. Since Simon is the one who often leaves with the car, he adds his availability a few days in advance and sometimes on the day itself!

Denis, the retiree always "on the Go"

For Denis, it was freedom at 55 or nothing! But while he loves his retired life, he hasn't stopped "working" for all that. Volunteer here, handyman there; he is always busy. A great hunter and fisherman at heart, Denis often goes away for entire weekends with his buddies. He likes it that way.

On the 4th floor of an apartment block in downtown Montreal, Denis has two parking spaces. One for him, one for his visitors. But you guessed it, both spaces are often empty. Not only is he rarely at home, but he rarely entertains.

Recently, he noticed that his downstairs neighbour's visitor parking lot was always full. People come and go, without necessarily going up to see her. When he passed her at the entrance to the complex, he realized that it was intentional: she uses clicknpark! She is delighted with the revenue it generates, for very little management time.

Denis found out about the platform and saw an extraordinary opportunity. Since then, he has been using the profits from this innovative concept to invest in better hunting and fishing equipment. A happy man!

Danielle and François, inveterate snowbirds

From January to June, this young retired couple takes it easy in Cape Coral: a popular destination for snowbirds. Their son Sebastien, who lives a stone's throw from the family home, is busy watering the plants, picking up the mail, etc., while his parents are away.

Danielle and François store their car in a heated warehouse. This leaves their large parking lot (cleared of snow) open and available. Sebastian, who is familiar with the clicknpark app, sees an opportunity for his parents. He also sees it as a solution for the CEGEP students around the corner.

It was during a FaceTime discussion with his parents that he shared the idea with them. They were thrilled - as long as Sébastien was in charge of managing the application for the time being!

Now, not only can they make their residential parking lot profitable 6 months a year, but they also make sure that their house seems to be visited during their absence. A plus for Francois, who despite his alarm systems sees it as a significant added value.

Generate additional revenue with clicknpark

Every day, hundreds of users rent their parking spaces with clicknpark. Families, young couples, elderly people, students: different profiles find it convenient.

One of the reasons: the platform's ease of use. Indeed, making your parking profitable has never been so easy. Here's how to do it in just a few clicks:

Register and set up your account

To register as a member, you need to download the application. Once it's saved on your phone, you'll have a few settings to validate (price charged, time slots available to rent your parking, etc.).

Customize your profile

Here, you'll need to add photos of your parking lot and offer any relevant information for potential renters (address, proximity to services, surveillance cameras, etc.).

Manage requests from potential users

Now that your profile is active, potential users will contact you to rent your parking lot. It's up to you to share the required information or simply accept their request based on your availability. The payment will be done automatically, from your bank account!

Would you like to know more about the rules and regulations or how to maximize your parking revenue? Stay tuned for the latest news or contact us!