How to make extra income quickly

Would you like to know how to earn extra money quickly without having to work all day? Find out how to generate extra income by reading this article!

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Where to park now that you can go back to the arenas?

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen the sporting industry take a huge hit in order to keep everyone safe and prioritize the health of both players and spectators. This is a phenomenon that was witnessed and practiced across the globe as the pandemic brought the entire world to a stand still.

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Finding Parking Spots in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto With clicknpark

Want to know how to find parking quickly in major cities like Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto?

Find out how by reading this article.

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How to find parking fast?

Struggling to find a parking space when you go out? This article will guide you on how to guarantee an available space anytime, anywhere!

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How do I book parking in Montreal?

You're tired of searching for parking. Using a mobile application will help you save time.

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Reserve Your Parking in Advance for Your Evening in Montreal

If you don't want to be bothered and stressed about finding a parking spot before an evening in Montreal. This article will guide you on how to guarantee a spot available at all times!

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10 Easy Ways to Make Money from Home

Would you like to know how to make easy money from home? Find out how to generate extra income by reading this article!

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How to improve your parking revenues

Canada may have up to a billion parking spaces, which is a lot considering the country's population of 34.3 million registered vehicles. While many of these spaces are free to use, those in heavily populated or common areas do charge a fee.

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How to rent your parking space?

Parking spots and parking spaces are not a problem in big cities but how to rent your parking space if you’re dealing with one of the homeowners in such cities is a different story. If you intend to rent a parking space from homeowners, you will have to think hard about doing so.

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Free Parking Montreal

Have you considered using a Montreal parking app? See how you can save precious time (and gas) by having the solution right in your pocket! Click now to see.

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How to Find a Parking Lot Near Me in Montreal

Are you searching for a "parking lot" in Montreal? Here is everything you need to know about parking in Montreal.

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Find parking for the MTL à table event

Want to plan your parking for Montreal à Table.

Click on this article to learn more!

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How to monetize your parking at your convenience?

Want to know how to make your parking more profitable even if you have a busy schedule?

Click on this article to learn more.

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Find Parking Near Centre Bell for Montréal Canadien Hockey Match

When it comes to the most convenient way to find and book your parking.

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This app allows you to rent and monetize your unused parking space

Clicknpark: the app that simplifies parking rental. Discover how sharing your space can be profitable.

Article published on January 10, 2022, on

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Smart Parking

Finding parking is often very complicated when it shouldn't be because simple solutions exist to make life easier. clicknpark, a small company from Quebec, has created one.

Article published on March 22, 2021, by La Presse.

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Finding parking at a university or cegep in Montreal

Would you like to stop worrying about finding parking before class? Read this article to find the solution to your problem.

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Simplifying Student Parking in Montreal with clicknpark: Real Testimonials

Are you students looking to simplify your parking experience in Montreal? Find out how clicknpark can streamline your experience by reading this article!

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